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Yearly Membership Dues 
Builder and Associate – $620

This contract agreement is binding.  Please choose carefully which method of payment you are interested in.

Payment Terms
This agreement describes the payment options for Builder or Associate Membership in the Arrowhead Builders Association and sets forth the terms and conditions between the applicant/member and the Arrowhead Builders Association. 

The terms and conditions are as follows:

Payment may be cash, check, credit or debit card on the date of your initial enrollment application.

Minimum Commitment
The Arrowhead Builders Association will pay the Builders Association of MN and the National Association of Home Builders dues in the first month of the application receipt. Commitment from the applicant assures that a minimum of those dues plus administrative fees will be paid regardless of the applicant termination request.The Arrowhead Builders Association offers a full guarantee for membership.

My commitment of $620.00, representing my annual membership dues accompanies this application. These dues include $182.00 per year to the National Association of Home Builders and $225.00 per year to the Builders Association of Minnesota (dues and LAF).

Cancellation Terms
The applicant for membership agrees to inform the Arrowhead Builders Association of any changes within the company or to the credit/debit card or checking account.  Should the account be rejected for any reason, this agreement will immediately lapse and the enrollment in ABA, BAM and NAHB will be discontinued until payment is made. The signer below assumes the liability for this agreement, as stated herein. Thirty (30) days written notice is required for cancellation.

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Associate Member may include architects, engineering, planning or design, mortgage banking, building materials/lumber, flooring, kitchen and bath retailers, etc. Companies whose primary business supports the building & remodeling trades.

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