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Founded June 23rd, 1952 by a 12-member Board of Directors, the Duluth Home Builders Association became the leader in the construction industry.  Their focus was:  providing a high appreciation of the responsibilities of home builders, serving the public, advocating ad encourage constant improvement, promote and protect home ownership, advocate for legislative and governmental builders rights, and create equal opportunities for homeowners within the region.   In November 1983, a resolution to change the name to the “Arrowhead Builders Association” was adopted. 

About that same time, the area also expanded.  We have overseen six counties: Aitkin, Carlton, Cook, Lake and St. Louis Counties in Minnesota, and Douglas County in Wisconsin.  That large area is home to thousands of potential members (Builders, Associate and Affiliate) working in the building industry.   

The same quality and codes of ethics from the beginning hold true to our members today.  We have adopted a mission of Supporting the Building Industry through Education and Advocacy.  Through education, advocacy, support and continued legal and legislative justices, our membership has continued to uphold the highest quality measured in the industry.   We assure homeowners the builders involved are licensed and insured; and that our associate members provide the best materials they have available. 

Our Vision

To be the region's primary resource by setting the standard for integrity, value and trust.

Our Mission

Supporting the Building Industry through Education & Advocacy 

  • One on one and member to member mentoring
  • Creative and solid partners
  • Buying power through business to business connections
  • “In the know” provider of the building industry
  • Networking, business to business marketing and promotions, collaborated work efforts
  • Member Nights Out highlight individuals businesses, welcoming members and guests to visit your place of business
  • Web links, newsletters, announcement, sponsorship opportunities, and print materials showcase your business
  • Lobbying efforts for governmental changes at the local, state and national levels
  • Raising industry standards by improving opportunities for quality and knowledge
  • Bringing you up-to-date information on supplies and materials which improve the building industry
  • Educational opportunities for CEU’s, Leadership Development and Business


Code of Ethics

We as members of the Arrowhead Builders Association believe that home ownership can and should be within reach of every American family; and American homes should be well designed, well-constructed and well-located in attractive communities, with educational, recreational, religious and shopping facilities accessible to all.

Furthermore, we agree to the following:

  • Responsibility to our customer, our community and our country.
  • Adherence to honest business practices.
  • High standards of health, safety and sanitation built into every home.
  • Uphold and protect the right to a fair return for goods and services in our relations with labor and all other segments of the industry.
  • Encourage research and the development of new materials and equipment, new building techniques and improved methods of home financing.
  • Informed and vigorous support for all sound legislative proposals affecting our industry and the people we serve.
  • Support of the free enterprise system and the American way of life.
  • Support of our members, our local, state and national associations and related industries.

This role is important because the building industry as a whole makes up a significant percentage of our region’s overall economy, and a wide variety and large number of stakeholders are affected by the industry’s health and successes.

The Arrowhead Builders Association supports the interests of its members.  We are committed to supporting quality craftsmanship, community stewardship and we promise to provide responsive service and a solid value for their investment.  We represent the industry to the best of our ability and we promise the general public that we will always encourage and support best practices and ethical behavior by our members when doing business within the association and public.

The Arrowhead Builders Association current By-Laws can be found BY-LAWS.

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