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239 E Myrtle St, Duluth, Minnesota, USA 55811

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Contacts: Jamie Adamski

 Jamie Adamski is the owner of Adamski Builders LLC and radon mitigation certificate holder.  He will inspect your home, go over the option(S) to fix the radon issue, and is the person that will actually be working on the radon project.  NO SUB-CONTRACTORS.

Jamie has completed training in Radon Measurement & Mitigation Proficiency Courses.  Been a National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) Certified Residential Mitigation Provider since 2007, a licensed Minnesota building contractor since 2001, and a Wisconsin dwelling


Jamie of Adamski Builders LLC does not have a different day job, or installs radon mitigation systems as side jobs.  It is easy to check by doing Google and Facebook search on the person.  Be aware of companies with undocumented employees, and non-insured sub contractors.  Under law you are liable of injuries on your property.  Including medical care bills, and potential workers compensation.

contractor since 2002.  Locally owned and operated.  Adamski Builders LLC has focused business operations primarily on radon mitigation and reduction services since 2014.